Yo maps yo- Successfully fills up Stadium

Yo maps yo

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Yo maps yo is a Zambian based musician who has done tremendous work over the past few years.

He has done quite a number of songs most of which are romantic songs and has released a new album called trytry again which has left a very powerful impression after he successfully filled up the heroes stadium of Zambia located in  Lusaka.

Of course he was not alone in the game, he was supported by various legends in the music industry such as Macky 2 and Chef. This should continue as a way of helping each other and as a way of pushing the Zambian music industry forward.

The impact of music must be felt all around the world as music has a way in which it unites people, heals the soul and makes nations rise to help each other.

Younger musicians must also do the same by working together supporting each other and giving each other advices where necessary.

It is also essential to recognize the number of Zambian comedians who also worked hand in hand with each other to promote and boost the “fill up Stadium show” before it could take place. These guys work hard and fight tooth and nail for others to succeed. Some of the prominent ones were IDC light comedy, Ken dumbo and many others.

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