Who is Dark Sensei?

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Who is Dark Sensei?

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Dark sensei whose real name is Grem Chilenga Blake Jr was  born on  December 7th, 2001 in Mazabuka, Zambia.

He had lived in Ndola, Kitwe and finally Luanshya. He has been an impactful muilti-talented youth who has grown to be a poet, motivational speaker, author, songwriter, rapper and content creator.

Besides that Grem is currently a 2nd year economics student at the Copperbelt University pursuing a degree in the same program.

Dark started his musical journey in 2021, June 11th when he dropped his first track themed “Stranger”. By now he has done a lot more songs most of which can be downloaded on Zambianmusictalents.com.

He is very humble person and better still a  caring one.  He does a lot of work outside school or music which include: Addressing youth related problems like Depression, Anxiety, loneliness, addiction, substance abuse, hate speech, prejudice. He basically advocates for self love, better days, never giving up and trueness among others.

Dark Sensei has done many songs and has featured several other artists in the same craft such as Jae Cash. Some of his other  songs are Work, and Dzuwa. These songs are heart touching and will speak to your soul. However he has not produced any videos yet but is in the process of doing so. He is ready to work with other artists and appreciates the support he gets.

You can find his songs on most modern music distributors such as apple, Spotify, Tune core and others. On Facebook you can follow him and enjoy the best content of his. This link can connect you to his Facebook account.

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  1. Grem, a great person,
    His music really helps, for me who is in the football industry
    I put my headphones on and entertain myself until the coach says it almost time to warm up
    Keep it up #Dark_Sensei

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