B1, Set To Launch Record Label This Year

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Following calls from fans for him to release new songs, B1 has responded and assured that he is working on new material this year.

Additionally, the singer and songwriter intends to set up a music label. B1, born Bruce Simbwalanga, has over the last two decades been unleashing hits such as Perfecto, Sikiriti, Chipute, Pillow, Suit, Kumayadi and Kalata. The songs remain popular.

But it has been a while since he released new projects. “Ati uchosaliti cha new [when are you releasing a new song]? Wachedwa [you are late], your careers are dead imwe [you] bla bla bla… First of all, personally I have had a fulfilled music career and I still do, through my musical journey over the years I have seen a lot of talented artistes come and go.

Great artists with great voices, big albums and hit songs, but where are they now?” he wrote on his Facebook page. B1 categorises himself in the class of the likes of K’Millian, Afunika and General Ozzy, among others.

“We have been in the industry since 2003, we are still here. It’s like telling K’Millian, Afunika and General Ozzy and others ati munasila [you are finished]. These can only be categorised as legends and pioneers of Zambian music and they are still killing it,” he says.

The singer said in music, there is no such thing as retirement but artistes cannot be releasing music as frequently as fans want them. B1 has also hailed the impact of the upcoming artistes and the direction the music landscape is taking in Zambia.WhatsApp Image 2024 01 20 at 2.07.50 PM8

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